Recompose, the First Human-Composting Funeral Home in the U.S., is Now Open for Business

Katrina Spade, who removed her mask a moment for a portrait, is founder and CEO of Recompose, the natural organic reduction (or human composting) funeral home in Kent. Spade stands in front of part of a large array of the “vessels,” eight of which are currently holding bodies for 30 days during the process. In the foreground is a “cradle,” prepared as a demonstration without a body, which would be under a shroud and plant material. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

Click here to read Brendan Kiley’s article for the Seattle Times:

As I’ve learned more about Recompose, I’ve found it to be a very graceful and beautiful way to go,” Bontrager said. “It’s the natural way, the way every living thing in history has eventually been cared for, from an apple core to a human — you’re not being burned up, not being pumped full of embalming chemicals and taking up space in a container. It seems like a peaceful way for the body to move on to the next phase.

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