The Satanic Temple’s Shiva Honey Speaks on Rituals for Death and Dying

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Shiva Honey speaks to Sacred Tension host Stephen Bradford Long on her forthcoming book The Devil’s Death: Your Satanic Companion for Grief and Dying.

Scheduled for release in early 2022, the book will cover:

  • How to approach death and find comfort through a non-theistic Satanic lens
  • Creating your own concept of ‘A Good Death’
  • Creating your own end of life plan
  • Rituals for death and grief, including how to create your own funeral ceremony
  • Plant and herbal allies for death and grief
  • How to care for yourself through grief
  • How to deal with the death of abusers
  • Understanding your end of life options
  • Preparing Advance Directives
  • Protecting your bodily autonomy and advocating for your end of life rights
  • Practical tips and tools for navigating the medical and funeral industries
  • How to share your end of life wishes with your healthcare team, friends, and family
  • How to support others at the end of life
  • How to support loved ones through grief

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