October 2021 Memoria Symposium: An Open Discussion on Artistic Innovation in Death-Positive Ritual

Artist Jill Littlewood hosts the October 2021 Memoria Symposium, a conversation between artists innovating in the sphere of memorial and memento mori ritual. Participants include:

  • Nadia Hagen-Onuktav, artistic director of the All Souls Procession in Tucson, Arizona
  • To-Ree-Nee Wolf, director of the All Souls Procession Urn Spirit Group
  • Harley Dubois, Co-Founder of Burning Man
  • John Constable, a.k.a. John Crow, creator of the vigils at Crossbones Graveyard in London
  • Daniel Lev Shkolnik, creator of the Odyssey of the Dead ritual
  • Tony Wolf, creator of the New Danse Macabre rituals and director/teacher of the Ways of Life and Death

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