Floralia 2024

Spring has sprung again and I’ve chosen today, with the temperature suddenly balmy at 68 degrees and at the height of the solar eclipse, no less, to “officially” begin the new season of Floralia this year.

A lone Great Blue Heron at the riffle, doubtless soon to be joined by others of his kind as well as Green and Black-Crested Night Herons. The riffle is one of Chicago’s few sections of whitewater and is a terrific fishing spot for humans as well as herons.

Uncanny crescent shadows at the height of the eclipse (2.07 local time). I also spotted the only snake I’ve ever seen in this part of the country (almost certainly a garter snake) along one of the river paths; there are no signs, other than those that we assign, but it was cool to see.

… and the Duende is finally crowned again with flowers!

It’s customary to commence a new project during Floralia, but my main creative project at the moment actually began last year; an anthology of interviews with the founders of fifteen aestheticized and embodied philosophies. That manuscript is currently languishing on the submissions desk of a mid-size San Francisco publishing company; it will appear this year, one way or the other.

In the meantime, kayak adventures await, and we’re looking forward to attending the upcoming Metamodern Spirituality Retreat at Sky Meadow in Vermont.

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