“How do I grieve if there’s no afterlife?”

How do I grieve if there's no hereafter? | Woman asleep on a bed

Rick Snedeker’s article for OpenSky – a newly-launched media platform for secular folk – offers words of wisdom for confirmed atheists in mourning:

For us, life is what it finitely is; we’re convinced there’s zero chance for a potentially better sequel in a great beyond. So, carpe diem (“seize the day,” in Latin) is an appropriate motto for atheists. Not “relax now; seize the next life.”

“It is also okay for you to ‘talk to’ your loved one, knowing full well that they are not there. If it will make you feel better, tell yourself that doing so is no different than journaling, except you are saying the words out loud. As with journaling, ‘talking’ to a person who is not really there can be a very cleansing experience.”

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