“The Experience of Grief Is Changing”

Kate Lindsay writes for The Atlantic on digital afterlives: As the author Marisa Renee Lee noted in this magazine last year, “Grief is the repeated experience of learning to live after loss.” Today, with our ever-expanding digital and technological reach, loved ones left behind must encounter more reminders of that loss than ever before. Memory endures through … Read more“The Experience of Grief Is Changing”


Readers interested in my philosophy of Poetic Faith and in the many and varied potentials of “rational, anti-authoritarian, artistic religion” could do worse than to check out Alt-death.com’s new sister site, Cultpunk.art. The site aims to serve as an intersection for Poetic Faiths of all stripes as well as to foster a more popular appreciation … Read moreCultpunk

“Assisted dying is on nobody’s bucket list – but preventing it is deeply unjust”

Zoe Williams writes for The Guardian: You might get lucky with what they call “compressed morbidity”, a very short period of illness before you die, but you probably won’t. You might, in the event, find the suffering less awful than it looks, in which case you will, of course, retain the right to die in … Read more“Assisted dying is on nobody’s bucket list – but preventing it is deeply unjust”

“Befriend the Reaper”

In this episode of the Imaginary Worlds podcast, host Eric Molinsky and his guests ponder various personifications of Death in fantasy fiction: Sometimes Death is portrayed as a Grim Reaper, but Death doesn’t have to be grim. Death can be compassionate, and even funny. And more often in recent years, Death has been depicted as … Read more“Befriend the Reaper”

“A New Paganism”

Ed Simon writes for Aeon on the subject of Paganism: Of course, humanity will be long extinct, our most enduring contribution to the geological record a precipitous rise in carbon dioxide and perhaps a narrow band of plastic threaded through the strata. Bertrand Russell, the great philosophical freethinker who forthrightly admitted to trembling at the thought … Read more“A New Paganism”

Omar’s Rubaiyat Contemplation Cards

My new art project, the Omar’s Rubaiyat Contemplation Cards deck, is now available. Oh, come with old Khayyám, and leave the Wise To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies; One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies; The Flower that once has blown for ever dies. ― Attributed to Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) … Read moreOmar’s Rubaiyat Contemplation Cards