Dying and Living: An Immersive Online Experience (October 21-25, 2020)

Dying and Living is an online festival of presentations about the Big Question of mortality, presented by Science and Nonduality:

This gathering is centered around the theme of Dying and Living. Our world is going through challenges, upheaval and confusion. Death feels closer. False beliefs, obsolete structures, and ideas of separateness are falling away. Reclaiming the blessings of death—death as ally, death as wisdom, death as guru—is part of the work of our time.

The liminal spaces, in which old structures and belief systems crumble and no longer support us, in which the old has not fully died and the new has not yet emerged, are the very womb out of which every cycle of life arises.

Join our journey as we share knowledge, wisdom and experience and explore how to embrace loss, trust the wisdom of disintegration and welcome the unknown that awaits us at the next corner, in life as in death.

SAND creates a unique forum which brings preeminent thinkers from various scientific fields into dialogue with spiritual teachers, practitioners, and the community at large.  Together, we peer into deep mysteries and seek answers to time-eternal questions. 

We cradle the emergence of a spirituality free from dogmatism and responsive to the latest findings in science, and of a humanistic science willing to consider questions of context, perception, meaning and purpose.

SAND is inspired to foster a vibrant community of individuals who share this vision; a community which believes that the time is right for the prevalent fragmentation of knowledge and society to give way to a new integrative era in which science and spirituality re-enter into meaningful dialogue for the benefit of all humanity. 

SAND provides for this integration by creating a forum for deep and respectful dialogue across disciplines and cultures—with conferences, media, online community and local gatherings.

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