“Dealing with Dying” (Free Inquiry Magazine, October/ November 2007)

Free Inquiry is a Humanist publication whose Oct/Nov 2007 issue was on the theme of mortality from the Humanist perspective:

Early in 2006, Free Inquiry began to solicit essays from atheists and humanists, activists and everyday folks, open skeptics and closet doubters. What had they experienced of death and dying? How had they responded? What had they seen of funerals or memorials, traditional or alternative? Were they grappling with issues surrounding the ends of their own lives? What choices were they making? What resulted was a remarkable selection of essays, some from humanist stalwarts, some from first-time writers, expressing a vast diversity of perspectives.

The various essays include a meditation on euthanasia, a mother’s memoir of memorializing her son at Burning Man, backyard burials and several perspectives on secular death ceremony, among other topics.

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