My Wind Phone: Let the Wind Take Your Words offers resources for creating and locating wind telephones inspired by Itaru Sasaki’s original concept:

I read about Itaru Sasaki and his Phone Booth of the Wind. I imagined sitting in his white phone booth surrounded by Itaru’s beautiful garden, holding the phone to my ear, dialing Emily’s number, and listening as the rotary dial clicked back for each digit. I could hear the phone ringing in my head, and I imagined her answering in the same way she always did, “Oh, Hellooooo,” in her playful voice. I imagined us talking about everything and nothing all at once. I thought about traveling to Japan someday to visit the phone.

After further reading and research, I discovered wind phones in various locations across the United States! Exceptional, caring individuals inspired by Itaru have created and installed beautiful versions of a wind phone, sacred spaces for people to reflect and heal their grief. A place where those who grieve can continue and deepen their connection to the people they love on the other side. We often hear that when there is deep grief, there is great love; it is true. Creating this website and helping others ease their pain is where I choose to channel my grief. It is my way of making any sort of meaning from my beautiful daughter Emily dying. I believe it to be a calling that Emily guided me to, and I will live the rest of my life to make her proud.

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