“How to not fear your death”

Aeon editor Sam Dresser offers the Epicurean perspective on life in relation to mortality: Key points – How to not fear your death * The end of your existence is inevitable. The question is whether or not you should fear it.* Epicurus, and many others besides, have argued that there are reasons not to fear … Read more“How to not fear your death”

Shadow Dancing: an Exercise in Shifting Perspectives

The Shadow Dance is an elaboration of the memento mori ergo carpe diem mudra into a whole-body exercise. The original dance was a spontaneous creation of mine during a visit to the Rotokawau/Virginia Lake Reserve in Whanganui, New Zealand, sometime in the early 1990s. My then-girlfriend was a dancer much inspired by nature and although … Read moreShadow Dancing: an Exercise in Shifting Perspectives

“Why Epicureanism, not Stoicism, is the philosophy we need right now”

Professor Catherine Wilson offers a concise argument in favor of the Epicurean perspective: Rightly understood, philosophical Epicureanism is a politically and personally powerful world-view that belies its caricatures. Its key elements are an unflinching refusal to believe that spiritual entities designed, created or control the world combined with the conviction that death and irreversible decomposition … Read more“Why Epicureanism, not Stoicism, is the philosophy we need right now”

First, cry because it’s over; then, smile because it happened

When a baby is born, we celebrate a new life in the world and its potential; when a person dies, rather than mourning the loss of an impossible continued potential, we can mourn their death and then celebrate the life that they lived. A bell cannot be un-rung. That, of course, casts primacy on the … Read moreFirst, cry because it’s over; then, smile because it happened

Totenpass Reconsecration Ritual

At midnight on November 1st, 2021 I reconsecrated my totenpass amulet in front of the public shrine at my local park. The rite had to be somewhat curtailed because of the presence of a late-night dog walker and the sudden appearance of a police patrol car – as far as I know, the park is … Read moreTotenpass Reconsecration Ritual

Memoria Symposium Update

The Memoria symposium – an open discussion among death-positive artists innovating in the sphere of memorial and memento mori ritual – has now been set and scheduled. Our panelists will include: Existential coach Daniel Lev Shkolnik Burning Man co-founder Harley Dubois Way of Life and Death director/teacher Tony Wolf All Souls Procession artistic director Nadia … Read moreMemoria Symposium Update