Morbid Curiosity: A Wickedly Fun Party Game About Death

Rules — Morbid Curiosity Game

Morbid Curiosity is a Trivial Pursuit-style party game designed to encourage engaging conversations about death.

According to co-creator Kimberley Mead:

It all started with a group of children. Strange for a game about death, but, it did. I was working at a grief center, facilitating a children’s group. I was struck with the remarkable difference with which the kids approached a subject most adults see as grim and taboo. They drew pictures, sang about decomposition, had mock funerals where they acted out the roles, from the priest to the deceased, and asked all sorts of questions that would make most adults squirm. They encouraged and supported each other with ease. The kids were simply… curious.

One night after work, I had a realization: Adults need something to help them to regain their wonder with death. And that’s when this all started.

The first thing I decided was that whatever “it” was needed to be fun and have a broad appeal. A game. And, though it could be a useful tool for facing grief and our mortality, it needed to be about ALL aspects of death: the strange, fascinating, and even the irreverent. Something for those who wanted to take a closer look at death… or at least had a morbid streak and wanted a fun party game.

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