Pre-order Joanna Ebenstein’s “Memento Mori: The Art of Contemplating Death to Live a Better Life”

A step-by-step guide to accepting and embracing your mortality to live a more fulfilling life

In our modern culture, talking about death is often deemed morbid, or even taboo. But not long ago, contemplation of death was widely used as a powerful tool for countering fear, putting the difficulties of life in perspective, and helping you live according to your higher values. Now scientists, psychologists, and spiritual leaders agree – it’s key to living a life with meaning. 

This life-changing book will lead you on a 12-week program to befriend death in your own way, creating your own personal, daily meditation on what it means to be mortal. Filled with lessons learned across cultures and with the help of insightful prompts and questions, Memento Mori will help you both come to terms with what death means and to live alongside it without fear. In doing so, you will see your own in a new light and discover what makes life worth living, swapping anxiety for joy. As our ancestors knew so well, there’s no better motivation to seize the day than a regular reminder that your days are numbered.

Follow Memento Mori on a journey of authentic self-discovery and transformation. Whether you’re currently experiencing grief or loss, facing your own mortality, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the profound mysteries of existence, this book offers invaluable insights to help you navigate your life with courage, resilience, and meaning.

You can pre-order Joanna’s book, which will be shipped during September 2024, via this link.

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